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Jossif E.

This guys has a lot of knowledge and he's not afraid to share it!

"I learned how to create a website funnel that will take visitors and subscribers from a freebie to my high-end online course. How to remove the "free-seekers" in the early stage, how to up-sell and present the next logical step on my website."

Phill gave me detailed questions to understand my potential market, the pain points...

"...the problems my system and program solves, as well as the potential problems I might face in the future. I was able to get a grasp of how to build an entire coaching system with upsells, downsells, one on one coaching, group coaching, and ongoing continuity program." 

Brian M.
(Business Owner)
Larry A.
(Financial Advisor)

Before I met Phill, I've tried everything possible to get my business going...

...and even though I worked with a lot of talented people - not much really happened. But, after meeting and working with Phill for only a few months, I've finally managed to take my business to another level. I do not know where my business would be now if it wasn't for Phill's intervention.