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Phill’s Weekly Rundown – February 14, 2015

Welcome to my first weekly rundown. Get used to fresh, valuable internet marketing related summaries on weekly basis. I read dozens of articles daily and make sure to bookmark the best ones.

I assume you are on a tight schedule and have only few hours per week to filter out and read valuable content. Let me help and do some of the groundwork for you!


Fools And Empty Promises

“You can trust me!”

How many times did you hear this one?

I’m sick and tired of people who use the word trust more often than good morning.

Few weeks ago I was hired by a friend (let’s call him Bob) to do some consulting work for a development agency he works at.


Ultimate Traffic Monster Review

Traffic is the bloodline of any online business. Without it, even the best looking, high converting pages can’t product result. Therefore, I’m on a special hunt for traffic generation products this season.

Today I had the chance to review a product called “Ultimate Traffic Monster” claiming to be a step-by-step blueprint on siphoning floods of high quality traffic from one of the largest traffic monsters.


Compliance Bar Review [Tested]

Until yesterday I was risking a lawsuit because of my stupid ignorance about internet law.

I thought having privacy policy and terms of service page was enough in order to avoid potential problems. Boy I was wrong, and so are you in case you don’t have few additional legal pages on your sites.


Why Should You Think Twice Before Buying The Next Shiny Product

We live in a world in which we are daily surrounded by all kinds of products. There are a dozen of pages, online courses being marketed as a “must-have” but, is this something that really increases the quality of our lives, our business?

Before you buy any product, do you ever ask yourself whether you really need it? You might want that product for various reasons (most obvious one, it should bring you more money), but do you really need it?