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5 “Do This First” lies to ignore when growing your business online

Know those “Do This First” tips you keep reading on how to make more sales online? They don’t mean jack if you don’t READ THIS FIRST 🙂

Your website is getting visitors, but it seems that 99% of them are avoiding your products/services. None of your efforts seem to make them want to buy your stuff online.

“Why does this always have to happen to me?” you might ask.

The reason is simple.

You probably fell under the spell of one (or more) of the most common “do this first” misconceptions. Again, and just as I mentioned in the previous article about the biggest obstacles that are keep you from growing , I don’t blame you.

We have all fallen for these false promises at some point.

You probably read it online or followed some advice from a “guru” with the best intentions to take your business to the next level.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about 5 “Do this first” lies to ignore while growing your business online:

1) Make sure to get a ton of traffic and you’ll have more sales

Technically that’s correct if we talk about it from a statistical perspective.

But if we dive deeper and calculate whether you’ll earn money after investing in a ton of traffic – then most theories tend to fail miserably.

An even worse situation is when you blame lack of traffic for lack of sales.

Know this – traffic generation is never a problem, there’s actually an abundance of it. You have hundreds of different traffic driving methods available.


Here are some important questions to ask yourself:
– Are you targeting the right people?
– Do they know how and where to buy your products?
– What are you doing to build a good relationship with first-time visitors?

In most cases, more than 90% of first time visitors leave without taking any action on your website, let alone buying your stuff.

Rather than focusing on traffic, focus on what to do when traffic hits your website.

2) If your website design is beautiful, visitors will buy your products and services.

WRONG! While the design is imperative when it comes to brand image and credibility, it’s not the crucial component for online sales.

I’m not saying your website should look like it’s from 2001. It’s much more important to find the right placement of certain website elements and to ensure ease of use for your visitors.

They also need to understand where they are, what they can do on your website, and why they should do it – instantly!


But wait! Before you decide to redesign your website for the second time this year, try to re-arrange elements you already have first.

3) Ensure your website is SEO optimized and you’ll get a ton of sales

Again, like web design – SEO optimization is very important, especially when you are playing a long term game and hope to get organic traffic from search engines like Google.

For example, some of my clients have had their links in top Google positions (page #1), getting hundreds and even thousands of daily organic visitors, but almost no sales.

Another downside is that Google is always changing their rules and algorithms, meaning there is no certainty that once you get to the top position in Google, you’ll stay there for long.

seo-not-deadImage source: Rohadiright

I repeat, it’s important to have your pages SEO compliant, but first focus on have the right offer and content for your visitors when they find your stuff on Google and click on it.

4) List your product online and people will buy

business-cardThat’s a dangerous one. The era of information “business card websites” is long gone, and having your products listed online is not enough.

Most of your visitors aren’t ready to buy during their first visit, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Focus on providing value, and making sure they find your website important enough to visit it again.

Another important mistake a lot of businesses make when presenting their products online is – focusing on features, and not the benefits visitors can have after using their product.

5) Be present on all the social media channels and you’ll sell more

I see too many business owners waste their time on social media presence without a proper plan or strategy.

First, not all social media channels are right for you so stop wasting your time on ten different ones and pick 2-3 where most of your target audience hangs out.

Next, make sure you know exactly what visitors need to do after they click on a link you shared.

Do you want them to read the article?
Do you want them to opt-in?
Do you want them to buy?
Do you want them to share?

Always have an end goal for each and every link you share.

So, what should you do to get more sales online?

It’s easy.

The most important action you have to do when working on your website is:

Your website and every single web page in it needs to intentionally transform visitors into clients!

In other words, your website needs to be a sales funnel first, and everything else later.

And what is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is nothing more than a “shortest path” a website visitor needs to take to become a buyer (of your products and service).

Simple as that!


– Having a professional looking website is important
– A ton of traffic can help you get more sales
– SEO websites will generate more organic traffic and sales
– If you don’t offer your products online, you won’t be able to sell them (duh 🙂 )
– A proper social media plan will generate laser targeted audience, and increase sales even more


Your website is a sales funnel FIRST!

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