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Is your website (and mindset) in a vicious “zero sales” cycle ?

According to Chiefmartec, there’s more than 3,800+ marketing tools available in 2016.

While it is great to have many different options to pick from, this is an overwhelming number.

That doesn’t even touch on the numerous marketing tactics and strategies available that I haven’t even mentioned yet.

Chances are that you can’t help but feel a little stupid sometimes for not being able to figure out a profitable “website sales system” – even though you are in fact running a successful company.

This is how 3,800+ marketing tools look like in a single image – Can you to pick the right ones for your business ?

Source: Chiefmartec (full image size here)


Moreover, you are certainly not the only one faced with this growing problem. And, you certainly won’t be the last.

What would you say is the number one reason business owners fail to get results online?

I’ve spent the last six months asking a similar question to hundreds of business owners – while trying to get to the bottom of this critical challenge.

I have been speaking to people that are already running a profitable business (have solid product and/or service) and who are working to grow it online.

Over time, I’ve started to notice a pattern in their answers while drawing some important conclusions from their explanations. The formulation was different but the main reason people have failed so far, was almost always the same.

Would you like me to reveal the most important reason reason why people fail to make their websites sell?

But first, you have to promise me to keep an open mind and read through until the end. It will all make sense soon, I promise.

Here we go…

It’s not your website – it’s YOU!

Well, kind of but not really, let me explain why.

The single biggest reason you are (probably) stuck is:

PROCRASTINATION, but not in the usual context of the word.

To help you better understand the meaning of my statement, I needed to dig a bit deeper.

Keep on reading, and see for yourself:

“I keep chasing different techniques and models, wasting money on courses and waiting for everything to be “perfect” to launch my business or product online”

“My biggest problem is procrastinating while “trying to learn more” instead of acting and executing.”

“I let perfect get in the way of good enough and quickly executed. Eventually too many projects spread me way too thin and I don’t do anything good enough to get solid results”


The irony of the situation, is that none of people I’ve been analyzing are lazy.

Just the opposite, most of them are entirely dedicated to their businesses, trying very hard to grow it online.

However, most of them hit the wall and (un)willingly procrastinate by pausing their online efforts, while turning to something else.

S.O.S. is not your friend!

What I discovered is that their procrastination is caused by INFORMATION OVERWHELM. They are looking at the whole mountain instead of focusing on the hill in front of them.

Check out the marketing tools infographic again – just thinking about digital marketing makes you dizzy, right?

If I were to paint the information overwhelm picture (of 3,800+ marketing tools in one place), it would look something like this:


So, when I dug deeper to uncover the core problem that causes information overwhelm, it turned out that for most of us, it is a “SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME” (SOS), which even most of the seasoned marketers, are not entirely immune to.

While most people blamed procrastination for the lack of results online, the real success blocker is their inability to focus and stick to a single method or a system.

Some of the other “biggest challenge” responses that confirm this were:

“I just can’t stop trying to consume “all” the information and start doing stuff.”

“Purchasing, what is sometimes good or interesting software, but ultimately turns out to be a shiny new thing, makes me even more frustrated”

“Always seeking for new knowledge instead of taking action, results in working on too many things at once.”

want-shiny-productSounds familiar? (c’mon be honest)

If you are not too familiar with the term – “shiny object syndrome” means that you cannot focus on one tool or method for enough time to make it work effectively, and instead try as many different solutions you can (in most cases all at once), and then you find yourself frustrated while your marketing campaign goes into procrastination mode.

Welcome to the vicious “zero sales” cycle

To summarize, the vicious cycle you might be in, it probably looks like this:

Break out of zero website sales cycle

Feeling overwhelmed? Welcome to zero sales cycle

  1. It all starts with the best intentions and your effort to grow your business by making sales online.
  2. Next, you jump online and discover a wonderful world of internet marketing, gurus, experts and 3,800+ marketing tools.
  3. A bit overwhelmed, but still very determined to succeed you pick someone to follow and buy a product and start implementing. Very often you are being mislead by empty promises of instant results, so when you don’t get the results you needed with your website, you turn to the next solution.
  4. Of course you won’t stop there – so you’ll keep testing different tools, traffic sources, and plugins. Over time you begin losing the initial momentum (while exhausting your budget), causing overwhelm (and plenty of sleepless nights too).
  5. Next, you put up the white flag, and decide that maybe digital marketing doesn’t work for you and your company. Next thing you know you are back at square one, with your original marketing plan (or lack thereof) running at full speed, but going nowhere.
  6. It will still be on your to-do list, but not as a priority task. Meanwhile, you’ll be telling yourself that you have to try it again soon, because your competitors are successfully making sales online.

So, when you do finally find the time to do it again, you’ll probably end up where you started: at the first step of this vicious circle.


I just had a sense of deja vu, because this is what happened to me! As a result it made me waste at least 2 years of my life, and $XX,XXX (I’m ashamed to write the numbers, but it was the best life education I ever had!), until I finally realized that I had to stop chasing shiny objects.

Here are just a few questions that are keeping most of us awake at night:

  • Is my website outdated?
  • Do I need pay for a new one?
  • Or, should I use SEO to get more visitors?
  • Where are my opt-in, exit and popup forms?
  • Am I targeting the right audience?
  • Should I use a free report, a free book, or something else?
  • Do I need to have a Facebook page? Is it better to have a group? Or a profile?
  • Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Periscope…what about all those?

Stop, and take a deep breath…

There’s time an place for everything, but you have to take it one step at the time.

That’s right – you cannot jump into Facebook ads, while working on SEO, and without making sure your sales system is even working.

Having an overwhelm-free system is probably the most challenging part of the process, and that is why I have prepared a special “Internet Marketing Overwhelm Killer” cheat sheet – that I follow to the letter for my online projects and when working with clients.

I’ve covered all the steps we go follow, making sure client and team mates always know where they are in the process and what’s next.

Do you want to finally stop “trying to figure it out” ?

Grab the cheat sheet now!

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