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Moving Life&Business To Bali [Part One]

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What are you dreaming about?

Building your online business?
Quitting your 9 to 5 dead end job?
Making more money?
Or simply doing what you love and enjoy in life?

I myself have always dreamt of unconditional freedom in life. To do what I really love, travel the world and enjoy the benefits that life has to offer.

It’s the main reason why I already have a few failed projects in my resume, always trying to find a way, a solution and results that leads to wealth and happiness. I won’t say I finally made it, but one thing is certain – I am one step closer!

Having an online business, I have finally reached the level where it is possible to pack my things and start traveling. The fact that you can run your entire business and live in a different parts of the world at the same time is like living a dream (Still not being able to run a full time online business? Don’t worry, we can help – click here )

Sometimes you just have to be a bit more patient in case things don’t go as planned. To be completely honest, my plan was to start this journey six months ago. I wasn’t ready half a year ago, but today I’m writing this post from a terrace with a beautiful view and a pool.


And how did I get here?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Pareto principle, the 80-20 rule. It’s a very simple mathematical formula but incredible and important tool for building your business. Pareto’s findings teach us that most things in business aren’t distributed evenly. For example, 20% of your input creates 80% of results or 20% of your customers present 80% of your sales. The point is that some things contribute more than others, in life and in business. Therefore Pareto’s principle reminds us to focus on these 20% that matter and produce the most results in our business.

This is exactly what I did. I focused my time and efforts on services and activities that produce the very best results. In my case, these services are related to online sales funnels:

  • helping clients improve conversions/sales on existing websites/blogs
  • helping clients build a brand new website funnel from scratch
  • helping clients create and promote digital products
  • helping clients choose the best possible niche (for them) and create a sales funnel for it

My biggest mistake in “the early days” was trying to master all trades. After spreading myself too thin, I’ve finally decided to focus mostly on one segment:

To design and build profitable sales funnels for myself and my clients, period.

What else?

Second important decision that helped my business enormously was to outsource one part of the process that was unnecessarily taking too much of my time. In my case it was technical funnel/website implementation. First I systematized all the steps needed to perform certain actions, created standard operating procedures for every single service and delegated to my team. Again, following the 80-20 rule I now have more time to focus on my most important tasks

How can you live your dream?

First thing you have to do is sit down and create “the ultimate goal”, exact milestones and plan of execution. I had to get my monthly income to a level where I could actually afford the lifestyle, automate business processes and have enough projects/clients before the trip.


As explained earlier, focus on one set of services and you’ll master it. Make sure to write notes and steps for all your actions right from the start because it will later help you to delegate your work more easily. Technical term for the notes is SOP, meaning Standard Operating Procedures. The key here is to divide all your business’ processes into simple easy-to-follow steps. This way you’ll always know what needs to be done, and how to do it. For example, there were 14 exact steps that needed to be done in order for this blog post to get published. All I had to do was write the content, and my assistant did the rest of the work by following those steps. I learned this method from a great book called Work The System (by Sam Carpenter). You can download it here for free.

The Trip


Once I managed to handle the business part, there was only one problem left – my girlfriend and I had to choose our first location for the new phase in our lives. After a thorough research, we decided to start our journey just 11.000 km away from our home in Zagreb.

Why? Because we can. We picked tiny island of Bali, and it’s cultural center – Ubud.

The city of Ubud is a little green heaven on Earth (just google it and see for yourself ). They also have a very strong digital nomad community (called Hubud) where we can work and meet new likeminded entrepreneurs, plus living costs are more than affordable.

Bali: Week One

Two days, three connecting flights and 11.000 km later, we finally made it. After a long 32 hour trip, we landed to Denpasar airport at 8 PM local time. First three days were a bit blurry and we mostly spent them adjusting to new climate and getting over jet lag.

But it was worth it!

We’ve been in Bali for a week now, and the internet didn’t lie. It really is a beautiful combination of tradition, culture and digital nomad friendly environment. The climate is great too – probably because we are situated in Ubud, few hundred meters above the sea level. During the day the temperature is 27 °C, and nights are fresh and cooler.

First Morning In Ubud

First Morning In Ubud

Typical Ubud Path

Typical Ubud Path

Lotus Pond And Temple

Lotus Pond And Temple

Beach Lunch

Beach Lunch

Life is great

Life is great

Our host suggested us to eat out rather than buy stuff and cook. He was right so far because prices in local supermarkets are a bit higher than expected (in comparison to Croatia).

Local restaurants (popularly called Warungs) offer tasty (and spicey) Indonesian food. We even found a satisfying Italian restaurant (Tartufo) and a great morning coffee&breakfast place (Elephant).

You can check and follow my daily photo diary over at instagram.

Working abroad

Working for the first few days was mission impossible. I decided to take it slow. Our driver told us one of the most important phrases here is Bali and that is: PLAN PLAN. ‘Plan plan’ simply means: slow slow. So I went along with it and enjoyed my days plan plan.

I also managed to recheck my personal and business goals, tweak them and write a new master plan.

There are more than a few exciting projects going on behind the scenes and the most important one is my new product (which will be available in two months). My “The Online Solution” done for you coaching program is almost full too, and I’ve managed to launch an online app for accountants in meanwhile.

Not bad for a someone whose office looks like this (picture below).


My Bali Office

And the full list of my office equipment…


My Entire Business!

Let’s start from the top:
1. Tablet – huuuge digital library
2. Good book – when I need to take rest from the digital world
3. Local SIM card – if there is no Wifi available I can always connect to my phone internet
4. iPhone – auxiliary working station
5. iPod & Senheiser headphones – for relaxation and jogging
6. Battery pack – to charge my tablet and mobile phone when travelling
7. GoPro Hero – to capture memories ( Bali 01 video coming soon! )
8. Autan Tropical – mosquito protection! (must have here…)
9. Laptop – to run my online bid’niz

Yeah, you could say that’s all you need to live a dream.

That is about all I have for my first Bali report. I plan on writing a weekly article where you’ll be able to explore Bali just like you are here with me, but also learn how to properly run and tweak your online business.

Next Friday, we’ll cover Teamwork.com, a great app to manage your projects, coaching programs and all others segments of your business. This is a must if you want to have more freedom in your life and business.

Phill “Bali Life” Wess

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot! My team and I can help you set up a profitable online sales funnel easily. Our done for you coaching service has only two more free spots per special $997 price. Once we fill them, price goes up to $1697, and eventually to its full regular price of $2397. Don’t wait and save your money for that ticket to Bali 🙂

Internet Marketer & Funnel Engineer dedicated to make your website (more) profitable. Food lover and world traveler :) Read myfull bio here