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Phill’s Weekly Rundown – February 14, 2015

Welcome to my first weekly rundown. Get used to fresh, valuable internet marketing related summaries on weekly basis. I read dozens of articles daily and make sure to bookmark the best ones.

I assume you are on a tight schedule and have only few hours per week to filter out and read valuable content. Let me help and do some of the groundwork for you!

By introducing my weekly rundown recaps, you will get an exclusive access to best of the best from the past 7 days. Make sure to reserve an hour or two during the weekend to catch up on your reading.

Let’s start.

1. Zachanisim 31: How to eliminate overwhelm and get results!


Whatever Zach Craword publishes I open and read. Not just because of the content, but because of his honest and straight to the point approach. Information overload is a very common problem amongst marketer and Zach addressed it perfectly. Read the Zachanisim 31 and get results.

2. How To Get Off Roller Coaster Income & Create Predictable Income by Marlon Sanders


Your internet marketing endeavor should be considered as a real life business including: income, expenses, profits, customer value etc. Marlon Sanders did a great summary on this important topic.

This is a must read if you ever wish to make it “full time online”.



3. The Email List Building Nemesis: Churn Rate by Pam Neely

There’s a sinkhole in your list building efforts. Nobody talks about it much, but it is definitely there. It’s called “list churn”, “attrition” or “churn rate”. List churn eats up about 25-30% of the average email list every year. Your list growth efforts have to outpace your list’s churn rate.

Don’t let churn rate to become your worst nightmare.

4. No One Is Going to Read Your Corporate Blog (Unless You Read This)

You’ve probably heard of Neil Patel, so we can skip the introduction. I’m all for corporate/personal blogs in order to increase you authority and expertise. Most of the times we overcomplicate the whole blog launch process so read Neil’s post and take action today.

5. Ep. 27 – Two Drink Tim Returns by Tim Castleman

One of my favorite podcasts is back! Tim Castleman returns and tells you where he disappeared to in 2014 and why January was SO BAD it got it’s own podcast. Oh, and he tries one of those fancy openers that he’s sure everyone is going to hate. Make sure to listen to previous podcasts too, you won’t be sorry for sure.

6. Fools And Empty Promises

My latest blog post about a mean marketer called Bob! I’m sure you’ve met him too.

Bonus Resources:

7. Best Facebook Group Ever – Internet Marketing Super Friends

I’ve been online for a while now, and IMSF group is hands down the best Facebook group out there. Professional marketers are literally competing who will provide more golden nuggets daily. Most of the content could be easily turned into high paying online courses and products, and you can get it all for free!

8. Free Stock Photos: 74 Best Sites To Find Awesome Free Images

One can never get enough of FREE but cool stock photos. Enjoy 😉

That’s all for this weeks rundown.

I hope you’ll find valuable information and share your best weekly content links in the comments below!


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