How to build an engaged list when you’re tired of broken list-building strategies

I’m sure you’ve heard over and over, “You have to build a list!” or “Money is in the list!”

But whenever you try the latest and greatest list-building tactic – and you’ve tried a lot of them – it never seems to amount to very much, when you consider all the time and effort you put into it.

Before you know it, another new tactic comes along, “guaranteed” to build that list for you… finally. And after a week or two, you’re just left scratching your head…. Again.

I had the same problem myself for a while. I tried several different tactics – such as automatic social sharing, push notifications, classic lead magnet approach – and yes, I did get a few new people onto my list.

But it just never seemed to “work” quite the right way! My list hardly grew at all at that time.

Then about two and a half years ago, I talked to a marketer, while living on Bali, who helped a business owner sell out her retreat in about 20 days, and they made something like $30k to $40k. That sure caught my attention!

So I did a little research to find out how they had done it, and I discovered the power of an online Group Challenge.

That’s when I began signing up for any challenge that popped up in my search results. Every kind of challenge, from business to health. After completing more than 30 of them, I was amazed by the results people were getting, both people taking the challenge and people giving the challenge.

Throughout all this, I learned a lot about challenges, so by the time my girlfriend asked me to help her run hers, I felt pretty confident I could help her grow her list and engage with her audience.

An NLP coach, she had a Facebook group of about 70 women when she started the challenge.

By the time her 4 day challenge was done, she had more than doubled the number of members, and – this is the important part – she earned at least $8000 from the additional income those new people in her group spent on coaching with her. All of that, with an investment of about $500 or $600 dollars in marketing.

The power of challenges or why did that happen?

Because the people who participated in the challenge self-selected. Those people are the most engaged, the most committed, and the most interested in the topic of the challenge.

That is why using a challenge to build your list is so powerful; it helps you get a list of enthusiastic action-takers, which is exactly what you need when you want to sell a solution to a problem!

Sounds easy, right?

Before you try this on your own, there are some important things to know about running a SUCCESSFUL challenge. Successful for the participants, and successful for you, too.

First, a challenge is simply a lead magnet. But because of the engagement and the educational elements, it gets much better results than a “typical” lead magnet, like a PDF guide or a free video series.

When your audience participates in the challenge, you know they are actually consuming the content, which is critical to developing a relationship with them.

Perhaps the most important thing about challenges is this: they are very personal. For a challenge to be successful – that is, for people to want to work with you at the end – you need to be honest and authentic, so they feel like they can get to know you and trust you.

The best place for that type of familiarity to take place is behind the “closed doors” of an online community, like a Facebook group.

If you are interested in discovering my process for putting together a challenge, click here.

Or if you’d rather jump to the head of the line and see how it works live, click the other button so you can get right into our next challenge!

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