Predict the success of your next online marketing campaign in less than 15 minutes

Manual installation or Excel is not required
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Stop relaying on "marketing luck" and:
  • Predict exactly how much money you could invest into paid ads to get your desired and predicatble ROI
  • Predict how much you can spend to acquire new customers and still be profitable
  • Predict how much you can afford to pay for a single website visitor without losing a single dollar
  • Compare profitability of different product pricing models in your business (one time payment vs. monthly subscription)

What are the most important metrics included in your predictions ?

Return On Investment

Gain or loss generated by current marketing campaign based on overall investment and marketing ad spend.

Average Visitor Value

Tells you how much you can pay for a click (for example in your paid campaigns like Facebook Ads or Google Adwords) and keep being profitable.

Average Customer Value

Tells you how much a customer is worth, and represents an upper limit on spending to acquire new customers while being profitable.

Plus a few more...


  • EPC (Earnings per click)
  • Total Campaign Revenue
  • Lead generation conversions
  • Sales Conversions (Front end + back end product)
  • Expense vs. Revenue ratio