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20 Tools that will ACTUALLY help your online business

20 Tools for your online business…or how not to get overwhelmed while selecting the right tools for your digital marketing

I have a confession to make.

I’m a total nerd when it comes to trying out new shiny tools and apps.

We both know how easy it is to install 46 new WordPress plugins in one evening, right?

Perhaps you’ve signed up for a dozen new online apps that promised to fully automate your business overnight?

The truth is that, in most cases, you will experience a completely different effect.


5 “Do This First” lies to ignore when growing your business online

Know those “Do This First” tips you keep reading on how to make more sales online? They don’t mean jack if you don’t READ THIS FIRST 🙂

Your website is getting visitors, but it seems that 99% of them are avoiding your products/services. None of your efforts seem to make them want to buy your stuff online.

“Why does this always have to happen to me?” you might ask.

The reason is simple.


Is your website (and mindset) in a vicious “zero sales” cycle ?

According to Chiefmartec, there’s more than 3,800+ marketing tools available in 2016.

While it is great to have many different options to pick from, this is an overwhelming number.

That doesn’t even touch on the numerous marketing tactics and strategies available that I haven’t even mentioned yet.

Chances are that you can’t help but feel a little stupid sometimes for not being able to figure out a profitable “website sales system” – even though you are in fact running a successful company.


Moving Life&Business To Bali [Part One]

What are you dreaming about?

Building your online business?
Quitting your 9 to 5 dead end job?
Making more money?
Or simply doing what you love and enjoy in life?

I myself have always dreamt of unconditional freedom in life. To do what I really love, travel the world and enjoy the benefits that life has to offer.

It’s the main reason why I already have a few failed projects in my resume, always trying to find a way, a solution and results that leads to wealth and happiness. I won’t say I finally made it, but one thing is certain – I am one step closer!


Phill’s Weekly Rundown – February 14, 2015

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I assume you are on a tight schedule and have only few hours per week to filter out and read valuable content. Let me help and do some of the groundwork for you!