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How to build an engaged list when you’re tired of broken list-building strategies

I’m sure you’ve heard over and over, “You have to build a list!” or “Money is in the list!”

But whenever you try the latest and greatest list-building tactic – and you’ve tried a lot of them – it never seems to amount to very much, when you consider all the time and effort you put into it.

Before you know it, another new tactic comes along, “guaranteed” to build that list for you… finally. And after a week or two, you’re just left scratching your head…. Again.


How to calculate profitability of your next Group Challenge

Launching any type of marketing campaign or promotion can be quite a scary, and exciting, experience. Especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

Today I’ll share how you can best prepare to run a group challenge, get your numbers in order, and know what to expect.

Ever run an online challenge on Facebook before? Thinking about starting one?

Chances are you’re already a bit worried that things won’t work out for you as you planned.


8 Ways to Tell if Your next Group Challenge will be a Success or Disaster

So, you’ve seen “big marketing names” getting thousands of leads by using online challenges,  and writing those annoying “How I got 10,000 subscribers” blog posts on social media…

Maybe you’ve tried similar method by yourself, figured out it wasn’t that easy, spent money on creating “ultra-effective” challenge everybody talks about, ended up with 4 leads and concluded that challenges suck for your business?

Well, that’s only partially true, and it’s time you know the truth.