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Is your website (and mindset) in a vicious “zero sales” cycle ?

According to Chiefmartec, there’s more than 3,800+ marketing tools available in 2016.

While it is great to have many different options to pick from, this is an overwhelming number.

That doesn’t even touch on the numerous marketing tactics and strategies available that I haven’t even mentioned yet.

Chances are that you can’t help but feel a little stupid sometimes for not being able to figure out a profitable “website sales system” – even though you are in fact running a successful company.


Ready To Conquer The World

It’s been a while since my last (public) online activity. I managed to get in a way of my plans and ideas, just to realize that it’s time to push a reset button and start over again.

The key takeaway from the latest failure: lack of discipline was the root of (my) problems.


Fools And Empty Promises

“You can trust me!”

How many times did you hear this one?

I’m sick and tired of people who use the word trust more often than good morning.

Few weeks ago I was hired by a friend (let’s call him Bob) to do some consulting work for a development agency he works at.


Why Should You Think Twice Before Buying The Next Shiny Product

We live in a world in which we are daily surrounded by all kinds of products. There are a dozen of pages, online courses being marketed as a “must-have” but, is this something that really increases the quality of our lives, our business?

Before you buy any product, do you ever ask yourself whether you really need it? You might want that product for various reasons (most obvious one, it should bring you more money), but do you really need it?