Fools And Empty Promises

“You can trust me!”

How many times did you hear this one?

I’m sick and tired of people who use the word trust more often than good morning.

Few weeks ago I was hired by a friend (let’s call him Bob) to do some consulting work for a development agency he works at.

My job is to coordinate 3 different teams (community management, online promotion, funnel website creation) while working on a government supported project.

We agreed on advanced payment so I could personally pay all my teams in order to maximize performance.

Teams I hired trust me, therefore they started working on the project right from day 1, without even asking about money and payments.

And of course, I trust my friend – he was gonna make full payment by the end of the first week.

End of week 01: “Phill, I’m sorry accountant messed up something, but money will sent by Monday. You have my word.”

End of week 02: “Hey Bob, you didn’t send your payment yet.” / Bob- “I’m feeling ill, let me check what’s going on Monday”

End of week 03: “Hey Bob, three weeks have passed and still no money on our accounts. What’s going on?” / Bob: “Hey Phill, we actually don’t do advanced payments, but I’m gonna do it, just because we are friends. Trust me, you’ll have the money very soon!”

WTF? Am I crazy? Or stupid?

Week 04: Still no payment from my trusted friend.

My teams have been working for the past 3 weeks and I’m paying them from my own pocket. I told them to TRUST me, and I’m honoring my word.

I know I’ll be paid sooner or later, and it’s not about the money – it is about the trust!

Bob asked me to trust him for at least 10 times while serving some lame excuses and making me feel like a fool. Honest fool who still believes in trust and honor.

Dear Bob, you just lost my trust and we’ll probably never work again after this project.

Let us get back to the online world for a minute.

There are thousands of Bob The Marketers online, asking for your trust daily, without providing anything in return.

And that is sad, because I know you are getting tired and are probably disgusted from all the pitches and headlines:

“Make $300 in 20 minutes”
“Make $20,000 in 30 days without investing”
“Get millions of hungry visitors to your website in 7 days”
And the list goes on and one…

You are probably feeling like me, feeling like a fool for even opening those emails.

BUT, let me stop you for a minute!

– You can’t be a fool for trying
– You can’t be a fool for believing that people are good by nature
– You can’t be a fool for having the right mindset and principles.

Bob The Marketer may have taken your $7 or even $5000, but in the end he’ll get what he deserves, trust me on that one!

So, let me propose a deal: I’ll keep believing in honest clients and you keep believing in honest marketers!


Let me know what you think about it in a comment below.

We all had at least one Bob The Marketer, “teaching” us valuable lessons. Share yours!

Phill “Honest Fool” Wess

Internet Marketer & Funnel Engineer dedicated to make your website (more) profitable. Food lover and world traveler :) Read myfull bio here