Ready To Conquer The World

It’s been a while since my last (public) online activity. I managed to get in a way of my plans and ideas, just to realize that it’s time to push a reset button and start over again.

The key takeaway from the latest failure: lack of discipline was the root of (my) problems.

I had a plan, knew exactly what needed to be done and how to do it, but something wasn’t right. My attitude towards the final goal was conditional:

I’ll do what it takes, but only when I see some results right from the start.

And I was aware that results could only be visible after carefully executed plan, and still managed to get discouraged and quit (for the time being).

Because it was easier to procrastinate and do other stuff than to believe in my plan and focus on things needed to be done!

Guess what, things won’t happen just because you (probably) want them to happen, or because you sent a message to the universe asking for them.

To get results you actually need to DO the right tasks towards it, daily and diligently, until it happens.

Here we go, one more time, ready to conquer the world!

But this time, I’m ready for it, accepting the fact of the inevitable ups and downs, determined to keep my focus on THE PROCESS not only a final result.

And what is the process? 
It is a group of tasks needed to be done daily. Every single of those holy tasks is related to my self development, making me possible to empower my business further.

Here’s the list:

1. Record a short personal video (up to 3 minutes)
Video recording and presentation is my number one challenge. This is the main reason why my next product isn’t out yet. When talking about stuff out of my comfort zone – video recording is thousands of miles away from my comfort zone.

That’s why I decided to record a short (private) daily videos and finally embrace this one.

2. Write 500 words per day challenge #my500words

(copy)writing should be internet marketers top skill and I still don’t feel comfortable enough to write daily stuff to my audience. How to tackle this one? Practice, practice and some more practice.

That’s why this daily challenge (thanks to Sergio Felix for sharing it) is an ideal opportunity to work on the second most important task of my daily routine. The challenge was originally created by the Jeff Goins and you can join it here.

3. Get up early (5AM Club)
There is no better way to start the day when everyone else is still sleeping. Just the fact of taking the time for yourself first thing in the morning should be motivation enough. Somewhere along the way I just abandoned this great habit, letting the magic SNOOZE button take control over my mornings.

There are few more tasks on the list (healthy diet, training and gratefulness) but I’ll write more about them tomorrow.

If you’d like to track (and support) my daily progress, join the awesome community at Coach.me platform. There are tons of groups and coaches that can help you be accountable and reach your goals.

Phill “Snooze Off” Wess

P.S. Here is a direct link to my Coach.me profile (click here)

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