Why Should You Think Twice Before Buying The Next Shiny Product

We live in a world in which we are daily surrounded by all kinds of products. There are a dozen of pages, online courses being marketed as a “must-have” but, is this something that really increases the quality of our lives, our business?

Before you buy any product, do you ever ask yourself whether you really need it? You might want that product for various reasons (most obvious one, it should bring you more money), but do you really need it?

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You will learn: There is a difference between the impulse of wanting and the real need for it.
Ideal For: Marketers that still cannot resist the all present “shiny object syndrome”.

As an internet marketer, I find useful information on daily basis. I really put an effort to it, browsing marketplace, reading other blogs, analyzing newsletters I am subscribed to, and dozen other activities.

My “holy duty” is to filter out the crap and give you something you can really use – starting today!

Why? Beacuse there is a great difference between the products and information we want and the ones that we really need.

Unfortunately, in most cases you will decide for the stuff you WANT and THINK you need.

Want vs. Need

Most of people do not realize the difference between these two categories. Some of the information or products are both: wanted and needed, but mostly some of the information that are needed lack in the category wanted.

You have wishes, just as me, you have your dreams and you want to make those dreams come true. Almost every internet marketer wants to enhance the growth of his online business and finally make money online.

That way we could live our dreams actively, on our terms, just the way we wanted.

Saying that, we also want effectiveness, the result, the best possible “thing” that will lead to wanted results, give us some kind of guaranty for a good result. Good results are measured differently. Each person desires his own results and outcomes. What we all have in common is that we WANT those results as soon as possible. Tomorrow, even better – today if possible. No matter the cost. We want those products fast and better than ever. We want it all and we want it now!


Our desire to make our lives better is so strong that we try to achieve it in every possible way. Think about it from this point: every time someone buys a “shiny” product, this person is driven by good intentions, and the reason is:

They just want to increase their life quality! 

So, why does this happen? While seeing that awesome product, we forget to think and really ask ourselves whether we really need it or not.  Why do we forget about this on the spur of the moment?

We probably don’t need that product at this moment, but we definitely don’t want to miss the chance. Our fear of missing this given opportunity and it’s potential win is stronger than our actual need for this product. This unneeded shopping is a way of helping our future selves. We have a strong opinion that the product we bought, but don’t use, is the best possible product that will be used in a best possible way in the future.

To prove this to yourself, just remember a situation when you saw a super- shiny product offer and you couldn’t resist it.

So, make a change today. When you see an offer today, ask yourselves:

“Do I really need this product? Is this needed for my online business development at the moment, at this current stage?”

To find an answer, you should remember what are your objectives and goals for your business, so you could analyze it and make a valid decision.

And if you have an unshakable feeling you should or need to spend that money somewhere today, spend it by investing it into two good instruments: online promotion and traffic generation.

Now, be honest, and answer: what is the last product you bought and really needed it?

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